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Chapter 1357: Chapter 1357, Hope (second update)

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“Compared to the freedom of being given alms, I prefer to obtain hope that has unlimited possibilities.”Wang Baole was silent for a moment.

He raised his head and looked at the city of appetite Lord, who was staring at him from atop the giant cauldron.

He naturally understood the meaning behind the other partys words.

First, he was told about the bargaining chips given by the upper realm.

Then, he was told about his attitude.

Finally, he made a proposal.

The foundation of all of this was… whether the two parties would be able to come to an agreement.

Perhaps the other party wasnt completely clear about his identity, but he had probably guessed most of it.

This kind of cooperation might be risky for the possessor, but it wouldnt be too big of a risk.

At most, he would be suppressed for a while.

However, if he succeeded… then what he would gain would be true freedom.


As for Wang Baole, he had already come to a conclusion about the identities of the few people who wanted to live in the second level world.

These people should be one of the one hundred and eight mighty figures from back then.

However, compared to the people who had been sealed and turned into batteries in the first level world, these people… had chosen to submit.

Therefore, they had not been sealed into batteries, but they had lost their freedom almost eternally.

Some of them had already given up hope, some were seeking charity, and some were still burning with the fire in their hearts, waiting for the opportunity to come.

Wang Baole understood all of this, so he could not make any promises.

All he could give was this hope.

However, he believed that… in the countless years, his appearance was the only and greatest hope.

Therefore, after saying those words, Wang Baole didnt panic.

Instead, he waited for the lord of Appetite Citys reply.

After a long while, he heard heavy breathing.

“Gluttony is about to begin.

become a spirit child.

This gluttony festival is specially prepared for you.

Follow me.”The lord of Appetite City didnt immediately give an answer.

Instead, he changed the topic, he stood up slowly on the giant cauldron.

With a wave of his hand, the surroundings instantly became blurry.

It was as if the stars had shifted.

In the next moment, Wang Baole and the city lord of appetite city left the city lords residence.

When they appeared, they were already above the altar at the center of the gluttony festival in Appetite City.

As they appeared, deafening cheers came from below.

Wang Baole lowered his head to look.

All he could see were the densely packed citizens of appetite city.

At his current level of the law of appetite, his gaze swept across the city.

Other than seeing the countless cultivators, he could also clearly sense their gluttonous aura.

This aura was an extremely nourishing thing for the law of appetite.

This was especially so after the lord of appetite took out the countless golden tentacles.

The gluttonous aura around them exploded.

“Spirit Child, why arent you absorbing it”The Lord of Desires voice rang in Wang Baoles ears.

His eyes flashed.

He didnt hold back, nor did he hesitate.

The law of appetite in his body exploded, and his body instantly.., it turned into a five-thousand-foot-long vortex, forming a huge whirlpool.

It sucked hard at the gluttonous aura around it.

As it sucked, the gluttonous aura was like a stream of water, gathering rapidly towards Wang Baole.

It merged into the whirlpool and into his body, causing Wang Baoles law of appetite to slowly rise.

The whole time, lasted about an incense stick.

The gluttony festival this time was prepared for Wang Baole.

Therefore, during the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the lord of desire did not absorb the slightest hint of gluttony.

It was the same for the eight gluttonians.

However, compared to the former, the shock of the latter group of eight was enormous at the moment.

Zhou Huo was dumbstruck, tuo lingzis forehead was sweating, and the other gluttons were also trembling with fear.

Only the two people whose bodies of desire had reached more than 5000 Zhang could be slightly more relaxed, but their eyes also showed fear and vigilance.

It was simply… Wang Baoles five thousand feet vortex had completely shocked them.

One had to know that the one thousand feet vortex was already a gluttonous eater.

Reaching five thousand feet meant that Wang Baoles law of desire could already suppress many gluttonous eaters.

In a single leap, he had gone from being a minced meat eater to such a height.., such speed was shocking to everyone.

Just as these glutton gluttons were shocked and various thoughts surfaced in their minds, Wang Baole ended his absorption.

In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, he had absorbed about thirty percent of the aura of gluttony.

It wasnt that he didnt want to continue, but it was that the aura of gluttony had helped him, it was extremely powerful when he was a glutton.

However, after the glutton glutton glutton glutton, although there were some, it was difficult for him to digest too much at once.

This was also the reason why the Gluttony Festival was held once a month.

The aura of gluttony still needed to be digested.

It wasnt something that could be directly absorbed like devouring other glutton cultivators.

Then, the Lord of Desire took a deep breath and absorbed half of the gluttony aura in all directions.

Then, the other gluttonous cultivators followed.

At this point, the gluttony festival had come to an end for Wang Baole.

As the Lord of Desire left, the other gluttonous cultivators sent invitations one after another.

Wang Baole didnt cut himself off from them.

In the next few days, he first visited Zhou Huo.

Then, following Zhou Huos instructions, he visited the other gluttonous cultivators one by one.

He went to visit Tuo Lingzi as well.

The other partys attitude had changed a lot.

They were polite, and they expressed their gratitude for taking care of Cheng Lingzi.

Although the two of them had had some conflicts previously because of the meat maniac, with Cheng Lingzi mediating between them and Wang Baoles strength, Tuo Lingzi was afraid.

Therefore, the visit ended happily.

At the same time, ice spirit water, a food ingredient, had gained a firm foothold in the city of appetite.

The restaurants in the ice spirit workshop also bloomed everywhere.

They expanded smoothly in the city of appetite without any obstacles.

After all, Wang Baole was a glutton.

His promotion required a new division of the city of appetite.

His strength and goodwill made the other gluttons, even if they were unwilling, have no choice but to give up part of their profits.

In the end.., the ninth faction, led by Wang Baole, appeared in the city of appetites.

The entire process lasted for about half a month.

Ice Spirit Childs name was like a divine presence in the city of appetites.

One of the original eight city gates had been built, and Wang Baole handed it over to Cheng Spirit Child to control.

Similarly, regardless of whether it was the female manager or the dwarf, the people who had followed him in the first place had all risen.

They dispersed and started running their businesses loyally for him.

The benefits were naturally immense.

At the very least, in terms of cultivation, the few of them had improved greatly in terms of absorbing the gluttonous aura.

If this continued, it wouldnt be long before they were promoted to meat-eating apostles.

Everything seemed to be going well.

Wang Baole had finally gained a firm foothold in the city of appetites.

However, he understood that this was only on the surface.

That was because… there was a subconscious feeling that made him realize… that there was a malicious intent that was rapidly approaching the city of appetites from a certain location in the second level.

This feeling came true seven days later.

The first to arrive was a melancholic melody that suddenly reverberated throughout the city of appetites that night..

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