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What made him so angry

Eden’s presence caused the surroundings to freeze.

“Do you know these people”

Baron Dafe, who faltered due to a war of nerves, raised his voice.

a fight with a fixed result from the beginning

The win was already leaning towards Eden.

“I think I told you to stay out of trouble.”

Eden said to me.

When I stood stiff without any answer, his lips formed a thin line.

“……You cried.”

The lowly recited words were clearly stuck in my ears.


Did you cry”

“I’m sorry to make so much noise.”


“Cwount doesn’t like it to be noisy…….

I was wrong.”

My pronunciation was crushed with tears.

But if I risk my life like this, I can prove my worth.’

It was an insubstantial remark.

Eden, who was staring silently, opened his arms toward me.

“Come here.”

I couldn’t believe my ears for a moment.

Come Where are you……’

Don’t tell me to come to you.

He moved first on behalf of me who hesitated because I was unsure.

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Eden lightly struck Dafe’s wrist, surprisingly loosened his grip on me.


I closed my eyes tightly for fear of plunging to the floor.

Im falling…!

Contrary to my concerns, Eden immediately took me into his arms.


My heart is pounding.

My heart beats uncontrollably.

‘……I was surprised.’

I thought it was falling.

“These guys…!”

When the hot Dafe was about to rush in, Eden threw the paper in his hand into the face of Baron Dafe.


Dape floundered unsightly because of the papers on his greasy face.

“What are you doing”

“What’s did you do with my daughter”

“What Daughter”

Dafe removed the papers from his face and examined them.

It was a certificate of rank.

It’s not an important document.…’

Vis’s government offices are known to be more strict than anywhere else.

But you’re throwing away the title certificate you just got.

I was confused in my head.

If that happens, you’ll have to get it reissued.

It was hard to believe that Eden, who was not happy with the hassle, did this.

“Im asking the baron, how dare a simple baron have anything to do with my daughter”

“a simple… …baron”

Baron Dafe crumpled the papers. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

At the same time, the incontinence went over Eden’s forehead.

* * *

Eden looked down at Dafe, who was a little smaller than him, with a crooked gaze.

a foul-smelling person

There was a smell of alcohol and a faint smell of blood enough to turn the stomach upside down.

That’s disgusting.’

What a filthy thing to do with those disgusting hands.

Looking at the dirty nails & stained hands, I felt like the rage of the beast in me were coming out.

“What to dwo”

Suddenly, I heard a murmur in my arm.

A human baby.

An unwearied being was moving in my arm.

“It shouldn’t be crushed.”

The child reached out a small hand.

Following the movement, a horribly crumpled paper came into view.

“Aren’t this precious to the cwount””


The small human with red eyes and neck were more worried about crumpled documents than her small bodies.

Tear it apart, thata piece of paper.

“Will it be okay if I fix it with my hands I’ll go home and spread back it for you.”

“……Ha.” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

A scoff came out of his lips.

‘You’re bothering me in many ways.’

Dafe’s army was drawing nearer to him.

“You’re a high-ranking man, so you know what I’m saying.”


“Even though this body is like this.

I have a lot of strong stomachs.”

Dape lowered his voice, putting his hand on Eden’s hard shoulder.

“But it just so happens that your daughter has gone against this noble being.

Do you understand what I mean”

“So, how is it different”

Dafe’s charcoal-like eyebrows bent like a bow.

“Haha, yes.

It’s so nice to know you understand what’s going on.”


“Especially Nobules Oblue…… Obly….

Anyway, I’ll take care of you in future.

Oh, put a bridge in the royal family if you want.”

It was funny how he shrugged his shoulders.

“What do you say It’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it”

Dafe then grabbed the little arm of the child in his arms without hesitation.

“N…… No!”

The child scrunched her face in reluctance.

‘It’s bothering me.’

The trembling thin arms stole my attention.

“Help me, cwount…….”

The mist of water thickened over the blue eyes.


Desperation became a sharp arrowhead and lodged deep in his heart.

Suddenly, he remembered the past he had buried in his mind.


. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost


Twenty years ago, Eden was just ten years old.

On that day, a handful of air and moonlight were painted with blood.

Screams broke out everywhere.

“If you’re a beast, you have to crawl like a beast.”


When the sword drew in the air, beast shapeshifters fell down without screaming.

Thud, thumping.

A bright red liquid flowed down the blade.

Soon, humans grinned, shaking off the blood on the sword.

“Capture the ones that are useful among the ones that are attached to their breath! I’m going to sell it as a slave!”

after the demon like humans left

Young Ethan crawled into the chilling corpse.



You can’t die like that.”

He was once Eden’s mentor, friend, and sometimes family.


Tears trickled down the master’s cheeks with his hands crashing helplessly to the floor.

It has remained like a deep stigma in Eden’s chest for a very long time to come



thud,  thud,  thud.

Tears fell down.

In the eyes of a small human being who will soon become my daughter, the object of vigilance that I have been watching to gauge my inner feelings.

“It cried, Ha.”

The veins rose above Eden’s temples.

As if someone had pulled a fire arrow in the dry forest, the heat rose.

“The one who didn’t even cry in front of me.”


Eden grabbed Dafe’s wrist at an invisible speed.

There was no time for Dafe to be surprised.

“I’ll teach you one thing.”

When Eden gave strength, Dafe’s face turned red and redder.

The bulging Dafe’s muscles and strength were useless in front of Eden.

“I’m very possessive.”

“Possessive… What”

“I hate it when someone touches mine.”

Dafe, who has a strong self-esteem, tried to hold it in, but a faint groan broke out between his thick lips.


“If you talk like that to my daughter the next time you run into her…….”

Eden added with a growl.

“I’ll pluck your eyes and tongue out.”

“!” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

It was Dafe, who travelled through many battlefields.

Even then, Eden was a presence that made him shrink.

Where’d he come from’

I can’t believe I’m being pushed.

Dafé’s self-esteem was badly hurt.

That’s why he didn’t stop talking.

“If you don’t want to have your life ruined because of that snot nosed brat, just let this great body…….”


A low voice interrupted.


What are you saying

When asked back, Eden’s grip on Dafe’s wrist became stronger.



“All right, let go! Let go!”

Eden was lost in thought as he looked at Dafe screaming.

‘Why am I acting so impulsively’

It was a question for himself.

Does he pity that little human being

Is he upset that Dafe made the child cry first, who didn’t even cry in front of him

If that’s not the case…….

Because this situation reminds me of that nightmare in my memory

Eden couldn’t come up with an answer easily.

What was certain was that the man was concerned about a child the size of a bean that seemed to rustle into a handful of sand if he squeezed it hard.

I just didn’t like that kid crying.

‘Yes, that’s all.’

Eden opened his mouth with unshakable eyes.

“Not a nose snot brat, Luna LionHeart.”

A cold voice replied.

Eden’s eyes were shifted to Luna in his arm.

“That’s my daughter’s name.”

* * *

The carriage passed through the spruce forest.

I was sitting in Richard’s arms, chin in my hand, pretending to look out the window.

When I closed my eyes quietly, the loud sound of horse hoofs was erased, and only Eden’s voice echoed vividly in my ears.

[Not a nose snot brat, but Luna LionHeart]

[That’s my daughter’s name]

My heart pounded.

Am I dreaming

‘I can’t believe Eden said that himself.’

I still couldn’t believe it.

I peeped at Eden sitting on the other side of the window.

What was he thinking’

Trying to read his expression, I heard a low Richard voice.

“If you talk like that to my daughter the next time you run into her…….”


“I’ll pluck your eyes and tongue out.”

Richard uncharacteristically lowered his voice and reproduced what Eden had said.

“Not a nose snot brat, Luna LionHeart.”

“…….” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

“That’s my daughter’s name.”

Eden’s body stiffened.

Unlike me, who is nervous and looking around, Richard burst into laughter.

“I was moved by your chivalry.”

“…… shut up, Richard.”

Despite the heavy warning, Richard did not blink an eye.

“You were also moved by His Excellency’s actions right”

 Richard asked me the question, but his eyes met Eden.

“……I’m sleepy, I’m going to sleep.”

Without realizing it, I buried my face in Richard’s arms as if I were running away.

“Huh I think your eyes were wide open just now.”


“My lady, don’t tell me……, Are you shy”

“I’m really going to slweep.”

Richard’s teasing continued, but now I couldn’t bear to look up at Eden.

……I didnt know what expression to put on.





I love this father-daughter duo.

Richard teasing Luna is really cute ugh ^w^


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